Redline has taken the decision to refer all callers to the:

National Trafficking Hotline
0800 0121 700

In support of this decision

We will no-longer advertise Redline
We will maintain our hotline and any reports will be passed to the National Trafficking Hotline.

Reasons for this decision

The UK needs a national response to human trafficking. We see that creation of a National Trafficking Hotline is a key part of this response. We also support recent efforts to raise awareness and reporting of this crime.

Human trafficking is very costly to investigate. It is not cost-effective for SAFE to continue the Redline project and we believe that we can deliver greater impact through new anti-trafficking projects (to be announced soon).


We will seek to:

  • monitor the response of the sex industry to the new National Trafficking Hotline. Are sex industry participants using it to report their suspicions?
  • pass on to the National Trafficking Hotline all the learning from our five years of operation
  • work collaboratively with the National Trafficking Hotline to make it suitable for use by sex industry participants.

Let’s Take a Moment...

Redline was created to take reports of suspicions of trafficking from sex industry participants.

It worked!

We have proven that it is possible to get accurate, timely and complete reports from sex industry participants, which would otherwise have gone unreported.

Thank you for your support

Thanks to an anonymous service, whose sole concern was getting a full report; many victims of trafficking have been rescued. Trafficking victims have a very small chance of ever being rescued, so this is an amazing result and of indescribable significance to each person freed.

We are very proud of the results the Redline project achieved.

SAFE is as committed as ever to pursuing the fight against trafficking! We are working on new strategic anti-trafficking projects which aim to engage all parts of society to combat trafficking.

Report Trafficking!

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